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Physician: suspended particles affect the respiratory system

 Liberty Times [ 2013/12/11 16:20 ]
[ CNA ] doctors said today that suspended particles in the air can cause cardiovascular and respiratory diseases , and has long been suffering from lung cancer and fine suspended particles (PM2.5) affect about .

 EPA air quality monitoring shows that around 11 to 13, 2011 in Taiwan and the outlying islands to poor air quality for the general level of entrained by the Northeast monsoon affecting shifted outside contaminants, all over Taiwan suspended particles (PM10, PM2.5) concentrations remain high, some areas will have a chance to appear dust weather .

 Minister of Pediatrics, Changhua Christian Hospital , said the money Jianwen , air pollution effects on the cardiovascular system , respiratory system , there will be short-term cardiovascular problems , angina , stroke , asthma, bronchitis , pneumonia , these symptoms are severe air pollution in time or 2-3 , emerging days or a few months later .

 Qian Jian Wen pointed out that people may be affected by short-term illness or sudden severe illness , and increase the dosage . People living in the area of air pollution impact will be long-term effects , it is possible to further increase the hazard of cardiovascular disease and lung function , by the long-term effects of people , the chances of suffering from lung cancer and lung cancer will increase.

 He said the suspended particles from the nose and mouth into the body , depending on particle size and adhesion of substances into and adhered to the upper and lower respiratory tract and lungs , and then also with the blood into the alveoli into the body , causing many diseases, including cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases.

 Qian Jian Wen recommendations when weather forecasts simultaneously broadcast air pollution , it is recommended to go out wearing masks , air pollution , it is recommended to close the doors and windows , indoor use air clean , avoid outdoor activities .

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