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Wanted "no-mite" best four walls

 Wanted " no -mite " utterly destitute best ( 2013/12/08 )
[ Excerpt from " Western medicine together to overcome the allergy ," the Ministry of Health magazine editor , magazine publishing world ] Three brothers allergy awareness

 Taiwan, 45% of children with allergic rhinitis, 15 to 20 percent have asthma , 10% had atopic dermatitis , because often accompanied appears , commonly known as " allergy three brothers ." Etiology and genetics, the environment , the most common allergens are dust mites first accounted for 85 %, other , including cockroaches , dust , cats and dogs hair and dander , mold and so on.

 Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, vice president Huang Jing Long pointed out , can not cure allergies , but if controlled, it can significantly reduce the onset of opportunities. Well control includes two parts, one with the proper use of prescription drugs , the second is to reduce the environment -induced allergic origin from life care.

 ■ atopic dermatitis

 Also known as atopic eczema , is a chronic , relapsing , dry itchy skin inflammation .

 Treatment: Oral antihistamines and topical topical creams . Antihistamines relieve itching sensation, the second-generation antihistamine side effects, does not cause drowsiness . Topical steroid creams and ointments immunosuppressants .

 ■ allergic rhinitis

 The main symptoms are sneezing , nasal congestion , runny runny nose , itchy throat, foreign body sensation , cough, nasal swelling and obstruction of blood flow caused by dark circles .

 Treatment: Oral antihistamines , topical nasal steroid sprays to control symptoms and eliminate inflammation.

 ■ Asthma

 Refers to the excessive airway inflammation reaction . Common symptoms include coughing, chest tightness , shortness of breath, wheezing , difficulty breathing , etc., and are particularly vulnerable to attack in the early morning or evening . But the big difference between the symptoms of each child .

 Treatment: long-term control medications to ease maintenance when two drugs and acute seizures.

 Patients with moderate to severe airway inflammation using inhaled steroids to reduce the swelling and inflammation of the trachea , a course of about three months ; symptoms of mild asthma patients comparing oral leukotriene inhibitors ( eg Yan flow , Asian happy ) .

 Acute attack , use a fast-acting inhaled bronchodilators , oral steroids and bronchodilators , oral steroids at this time is the main root of the problem of drugs .

 Wanted " no -mite " best four walls

 The most important principle is to reduce common allergens in the environment . "If you want a ' no -mite ( happy ) environment ," the best four walls , " according to how often parents of allergic children answered in the clinic , where the speech JL Huang said , luxurious carpeting , heavy curtains , decorations complex is breeding dust mites big hotbed , home decor and furniture should be as simple as possible , dehumidifier air cleaner than practical , so that the indoor humidity is maintained at about 50% ; often open the windows , let the fresh outdoor air in ; bedding, cleaning the ground to replace the sun ; If you do not cause allergic symptoms , and what foods you can eat a balanced diet is best for the child , no extra eating healthy foods.

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