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Weiyang Wolong: self-deception environmental air pollution to a raise standards

 Weiyang Wolong : self-deception environmental air pollution to a higher standards ( 2013-12-08 19:48:44 )

 Dragon TV reported that long-term sustainability of air pollution , local government a headache. December 5 , the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau announced : easy winter air pollution , PM2.5 concentrations down to 75 hours micrograms per cubic meter standards are too harsh, decided to raise the standard warning , just down to 115 micrograms. The revocation of pollution alerts. Standards to improve the air pollution problem solved !

 PM2.5 fine particulate matter pollution World Health Organization are considered carcinogenic, have 210 million people worldwide die each year from air pollution. World Health Organization identified up to 10 micrograms / cubic meter is polluted , China's own national body fairly confident than fighting racial Russia also have confidence in a hundred times , we believe that more than 75 micrograms / cubic meter is considered contaminated. On this standard, China announced the first half of Beijing, Tianjin , the Yangtze River Delta , Pearl River Delta and 74 urban air quality status display , June , 74 urban air quality exceeded the number of days 35.6% , Beijing, Tianjin and all cities are not standard .

 Overseas studies have shown that , PM2.5 depth of 10 micrograms per cubic meter increase in the total risk of death increased by 4% , the risk of death caused by cardiovascular disease increased by 6% , the risk of death caused by lung cancer increased by 8% . In addition , PM2.5 easily adsorbed polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other organic pollutants and heavy metals that are carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic significantly higher probability . 13 pm yesterday, the Shanghai city's average PM2.5 index up 602.5, PM10 average up to 671.0 , the highest Putuo station is reached 726.0 !

 PM2.5 burst table feeling so terrible , is not it ? Do not be afraid , government actions , and the world I have. Heavy pollution standards set 75 micrograms , 115 micrograms mentioned now , 11 times higher than in Europe and America more than ! Data a change, pollution immediately becomes lighter , which is based on self-deception or health of the people the ability to self-confidence ? New York immigrant health examination report showed that the heavy metal content in vivo immigrants from mainland China than people from other places :

 Lead is higher than 44% of other Asian immigrants , 60% higher cadmium , mercury and high 530% ; mercury levels higher than 660% of New York natives .

 Remember our milk scandal it? The world's lowest standards of milk , or quality problems often arise , the solution is to modify the standard formula , lowering standards for all qualified. Inner Mongolia Dairy Association Secretary-General believes that the Talmud : The current China's dairy industry is still in its infancy, the development of the dairy standards from objective reality . If you increase the milk standard that 70% of dairy farmers would slaughter of cattle . So God in such a logical reason , our milk protein content standard by 2.95 grams per hundred grams of raw milk was adjusted to 2.8 g before , the total number of colonies previously allowed raw milk per milliliter 500,000 to 2 million per milliliter now .

 Which era do not dare to compare today 's energy and no country dare we say science , as long as we do not want it imperfect data, we say that it is qualified qualified , saying that light pollution is light pollution , like how to set standards set standards on how science in our magical land, even the ass is not because people here are super- science made ​​of special materials ! Like on the milk , the milk so many problems prompt attention to security issues , we modify the standard to deal with ; such as PM2.5 air pollution , we have to modify the standard to deal with . Think of the U.S. embassy and the first half of this year, China announced the National Air Pollution Index drama , and ultimately by the U.S. embassy to stop the burst table update finishes, very arrogant towards me , which also allow a return to the world's attention ?

 Heavy metal content in the body of the people over the world many of his people , but also to live a good living , that does not mean that people's ability to anti- air pollution but also many other countries over the world ! More and more baffling disease , more and more evidence shows that air pollution are harmful to humans , people eat whole grains , in the end still mortal flesh , with the fortunate not forever change what air pollution standards , do not will prove that the air below the standard would not have caused damage to the body ! Cover your ears. Steal the bell , but we do not hear the sound, in fact, someone heard you before , it would be self-deception where genius awake ?