Falls to the ground the migration
Install pattern:
Fall to the gruond the migration
Material of mechiien:
Galvanizes the copper plate / Powder body painting
Electric voltage frequency(W):
105-115V /60HZ
Consume frequency:
66±3(High speed) / 49.8±3(Medium speed ) / 39.5±3(Low speed)
High, Width and weight:
81CM±0.5 / 38.7CM±0.5 / 24KG±0.5
Is suitable the place:
●Each department clinic in the hospital, waits to diagnose area, examination room, office, board room, briefing room, medical history room, emergency call area, intensive care unit, isolation ward, special sickroom, blood dialysis center, breathe caring center, heart pipe room, examine room, adjust a room, infant's room, pharmacy, dentistry hospital clinic, Chinese medicine hospital clinic, animal hospital clinic, X only room, nuclear magnetic resonance room...etc. good air quality request place.